Project Update - Cotswold Stonecraft

Simple, clean, visual, professional, responsive - these are all words that make it onto the mind map of web design objectives. Last week I completed a web design project for Francis Peters to showcase his stonemasonry work and give his business, Cotswold Stonecraft, an online portfolio. 


Our objective was to create an online area where potential customers can view examples of Francis' stonework, and contact him as a result.

Intelligent Design

I believe strongly in a web design model that empowers the client and limits dependency on the web designer. Why, I hear you ask? Surely dependency means greater need, and greater need means more money? A core value I hold is that business with honour is a win-win deal, but without honour is a lose-lose deal for both client and designer. My definition of honour does not involve forced dependency. With trust at the core of a professional relationship, the ugly glue of control is eliminated and you end up with happy, returning clients, who freely recommend you to new clients. 

Visual, visual, visual

We live in a world captivated by beautiful images, the upcoming generation are inspired by photographs of places they've never been, conditioned by advertising of products they crave - we are a visual generation. In short, images are now the invitation to delve deeper into the content of a great website. 

Build a website with images, and if necessary use words.

I have kept Cotswold Stonecraft as simple and as visual as possible, to ensure the viewer is focused on what is most important - the work itself!