Big Apple or bad apple?

The iPhone is fast becoming a luxury product, favouring the prosperous and leaving behind a once loyal, frustrated customer base who can no longer justify the cost of an Apple lifestyle. 

Whatever you may think of the new iPhones launched yesterday in Cupertino, it is impossible to deny that iPhones have had a radical effect on the way we interact with websites

The last 10 years have ushered in a revolutionary era of mobile web design. Words like optimised, responsive and swipe; single page websites; burger bars (not the cheesy kind) - these are the new normal for web designers across the planet. 

Who remembers the days of Adobe Flash? An ancient dinosaur made extinct by a hippy who fathered a new generation of mobile technology. 

Take a look at this article if the new iPhones (Xs, Xr and Xs Max) have caught your eye. Make an informed decision before you spend nearly a month’s pay on the most advanced mobile device to grace this century.