How to automate your CRM and email marketing with PieSync

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Are you a small business owner? Do you spend hours on paperwork and manual admin grunt work? Online automation tools now have what you need to automate your business processes and save you time and money on administrators!

This week I have completely automated Chani Martin’s (M&M Promotions) CRM and email marketing processes using a super tool called PieSync.

While setting up PieSync, I noticed that the double opt-in feature of Mailchimp was not being honoured by the automation process, so I contacted Morgan McCabe at PieSync to investigate. She agreed this was a necessary feature, and yesterday, I had a call from Morgan telling me their developers had now added double opt-in support and had affectionately named it the "Jonathan Smithies feature".

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As a result, I was able to complete the automation setup between Hubspot and Mailchimp to seamlessly synchronise Chani’s contact data. Within PieSync, there are “connection rules”, which allow you to check for a trigger, add conditional triggers, and setup an action to perform.


For example, if one of Chani’s contacts unsubscribes in Mailchimp, then Hubspot will automatically update their status in Hubspot. And if Chani has a conversation with a new customer on the phone, she can then add them to Hubspot, and PieSync will tell Mailchimp to follow up with a double opt-in email inviting them to join Chani’s email list.


I have helped clients to automate their business processes using various online tools, including Xero, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zapier, PieSync and Google apps.

If you need to automate your business systems and processes but don't have the time to do it yourself, I'm your guy!

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